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This is version 1.9 of Samba, the free SMB client and server for unix.
>>>> Please read THE WHOLE of this file as it gives important information
>>>> about the configuration and use of Samba.

This software is freely distributable under the GNU public license, a copy of which you should have received with this software (in a file called COPYING).


Here is a very short list of what samba includes, and what it does

- a SMB server, to provide LanManager style file and print services to PCs

- a Netbios (rfc1001/1002) nameserver

- a ftp-like SMB client so you can access PC resources (disks andprinters) from unix

- a tar extension to the client for backing up PCs

Related packages include:
- ksmbfs, a linux-only filesystem allowing you to mount remote SMB filesystems from PCs on your linux box

- tcpdump-smb, a extension to tcpdump to allow you to investigate SMB networking problems over netbeui and tcp/ip


If you want to contribute to the development of the software then please join the mailing list. I accept patches (preferably in "diff -u" format) and am always glad to receive feedback or suggestions.

You could also send hardware/software/money/jewelry or pizza vouchers directly to me. The pizza vouchers would be especially welcome :-)

If you like a particular feature then look through the change-log and see who added it, then send them an email.

Remember that free software of this kind lives or dies by the response we get. If noone tells us they like it then we'll probably move onto something else.

Andrew Tridgell Email: samba-bugs@anu.edu.au

3 Ballow Crescent
Macgregor, A.C.T.
2615 Australia



There is quite a bit of documentation included with the package, including man pages, and lots of .txt files with hints and useful info.


The main anonymous ftp distribution site for this software is nimbus.anu.edu.au/pub/tridge/samba/ in the directory pub/tridge/samba/.


There is a mailing list for discussion of Samba. To subscribe send mail to listproc@anu.edu.au with a body of "subscribe samba Your Name"

To send mail to everyone on the list mail to samba@listproc.anu.edu.au

There is also an announcement mailing list where I announce new versions. To subscribe send mail to listproc@anu.edu.au with a body of "subscribe samba-announce Your Name". All announcements also go to the samba list.


You might also like to look at the usenet news group comp.protocols.smb as it often contains lots of useful info and is frequented by lots of Samba users. The newsgroup was initially setup by people on the Samba mailing list. It is not, however, exclusive to Samba, it is a forum for discussing the SMB protocol (which Samba implements).


A Samba WWW site has been setup with lots of useful info. Connect to:


It is maintained by Paul Blackman (thanks Paul!). You can contact him at ictinus@lake.canberra.edu.au.