Configuring TIFF Software v3.4beta035.

If configure does the wrong thing, check the file config.log for
information that may help you understand what went wrong.

Reading site-wide parameters from ./
Fee, fie, foe, this smells like a sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4_JL system.
Using /usr/local/bin/gcc for a C compiler (use -with-CC=compilername to override).
Looks like /usr/local/bin/gcc supports the -g option.
Using "-g" for C compiler options.
Using /usr/local/bin/make to configure the software.

Using previously created libtiff/port.h.

Checking system libraries for functionality to emulate.
... emulate strtoul
Done checking system libraries.

Checking for Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support.
Done checking for DSO support.

Selecting programs used during installation.
Looks like mv supports the -f option to force a move.
Looks like /usr/local/bin/ln supports the -s option to create a symbolic link.
Done selecting programs.

Selecting default TIFF configuration parameters.

Looks like manual pages go in /usr/local/man.
Looks like manual pages should be installed with bsd-source-cat-strip.

TIFF configuration parameters are:

[ 1] Directory for tools:        	/usr/local/bin
[ 2] Directory for libraries:           /usr/local/lib
[ 3] Directory for include files:       /usr/local/include
[ 4] Directory for manual pages:        /usr/local/man
[ 5] Directory for HTML documents:      /var/httpd/htdocs/tiff
[ 6] Manual page installation scheme:   bsd-source-cat-strip

Are these ok [yes]? 
"y", "yes", or <RETURN> accepts the displayed parameters.
A number lets you change the numbered parameter.

Creating Makefile from ./
Creating libtiff/Makefile from ./libtiff/
Creating man/Makefile from ./man/
Creating tools/Makefile from ./tools/
Creating port/ from ./port/
Creating port/Makefile from ./port/