FAQ for the Yaesu FT-847 transceiver

Last Updated 08-Oct-2002

The initial version of these FAQ-pages were maintained by Jay, K1UC and were given to my hands (Peter, DH1NGP). Jay said, that he has sold his FT847-Transceiver and therfore he hasn't the possibilities to further maintain these pages. Thank you, Jay for your great work ! I'll try to maintain these pages in the same quality like you have done in the past years. Vy 73 de Peter, DH1NGP !

These FAQs are intended to answer some questions about the FT-847, particularly those that seem to appear repeatedly on the Bulletin Board. It is not complete, and only reflects those topics with which the author is familiar or those reported by other knowledgeable hams. Please send any errors, corrections, or suggestions to Peter, DH1NGP. Your postings to the web page have made the information in these FAQs possible, so please advise Peter of any additional FAQs or corrections to the information shown here.

Please note that many of the FAQs have updates appended to them with more recent information. When you refer to a FAQ, take at look near the end to see if there are any updates for it. You can also check the log to see what each changes have been made to the FAQ.

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ALC Control of RF Power Output
Alignment Menu
    Reports on the Alignment Menu
    Typical Alignment Menu Settings
AM Transmissions, Setting Mike Level Properly
Amplifiers, Linear
Antenna Connections
ARS, Loss of after transmit range modification
ARS on 10m & 6m
AT-11 Auto Tuner
ATAS-100, General
    ATAS-100 Menu 31 Setting Reverts to TUNER setting
    Radio Hangs Up in TUNER Mode
     Homebrew Control of ATAS-100 motor - Direct Link to URL
Backup Battery, Replacement
Cabling, Problems with Jumpers and PL-259 Plugs
CAT Cable Between Rig & PC
CAT Control Operations
Chattering or Clicking Relays, Display Dims on TX
Clarifier, Characteristics
Cloning or Saving Radio Configurations
Control Panel & Display Locked Up!
Crossband Operations
CTCSS Issues
Data Port (see Digital Operations)
DC Power Cord
Digital Operations, General
    Data In/Out Port
    FM Packet Port
    Connecting your TNC at 9600 bps & 1200 bps
    Interfacing with Various Controllers
    Mike stays open when using Data In/Out Port for Transmitting
    Sound Cards & FT847
     DOX interface from Sept. 2000 QST
    Interfacing FT-847 to IBM Thinkpad
DIN, Mini- source for plugs for Amp Control
Display Dims on TX, Chattering or Clicking Relays
Display Locked up, Control Panel Doesn't Work, TX Locked on!
DOX Interface from Sept. 2000 QST
DSP, Digital Signal Processing, General
    Digital Filter
    Noise Reduction
    Notch Filter
    "Clicking" sound when turning
Duplexers for FT-847
[E] [F]
Fan Issues, General
   Zener Diode Fix
Gang the fans fix
Disconnect fix
Replacement fix
FC-20 Auto Tuner, General
   Matching range
Workaround for Matching Range Limits
CAT Control & FC-20 Conflicts
Workaround for CAT & FC-20 Conflicts
    Outstanding information about using the CAT interface and the FC-20 tuner at the same time
Filters (see also INRAD filters)
Frequency Questions, General
    Frequency Accuracy
Tweaking Reference Oscillator Frequency
Frequency Stability
Front Panel Disassembly (for working on headphones or replacing power switch)
Frozen Display & Dials
FT-100 FAQs Page by K0LEE
Full Break-in, or QSK
Grounding Problems
Headphone Volume
Internal Keyer For Practice
INRAD Filters (see also Filters)
[J] [K] [L]
Linear Amplifiers for FT-847
Manual, Errors in Owner's Manual
Memory Backup Battery Replacement
Memory channels, number of
Mike Stays Open when transmitting in Digital Mode
Microphone Options, General
    Stock Microphone
    Other Mikes for FT-847
Mobile Mount
Modifications for the FT-847, General
    Opening up transmit range.
    Loss of ARS after transmit range modification
Separate Receive and Transmit for 2m & 70cm
Modification for Strange Noises on 432
Noise Blanker Operation
Noise Reduction, Discussion
Noises, Strange, and Other Weird Things
Null Modem Cable
Open Mike Problem when Transmitting via Data In/Out Port
Overload, Receiver, from nearby commercial stations
Owner's Manual, Errors
Packet (see Digital Operations)
Polling Codes for Frequency & Mode
Power, limiting maximum output power
Power cables, hooking up backwards
Power Cord, Replacing, Connectors*
Power Output, Control using ALC
Power Supply Problems
Power Switch Problems
Power Switch, Replacing
Power Switch, Replacing Only the Inner Parts
Problems with early models
    Fixes by Yaesu under warranty
    Fixes not entertained by Yaesu
PSK31 Operations
    Using a narrow CW filter on PSK31
     "DOX" interface for Soundcard Operations
QSK CW Operation
Raspy or FMing audio reports on SSB
Receive range, limitations on some versions
Receiver Overload from nearby commercial stations
Relays Chattering or Clicking, Display Dims on TX
RIT, Characteristics
Satellite Operations
    Speech Processing in Satellite Mode
    Desense Problems in Mode J
    Menu #36 Action on Satellite Memories
    Crossband Operation in Satellite Mode
Scanning Features
Serial Numbers - What do they mean?
Service Manual
Software for the PC
    Software for the Mac
Sound Cards, Interfacing to FT-847
Split Mode operations
Sub-tune, characteristics
Switch, Power, Replacing
Switch, Power, Replacing only the Inner Parts
SWR Indicator
TNC Interface Problems on 1200 & 9600
Transmit Stuck On, but No TX Audio
Tuner (see FC-20 Auto Tuner, AT-11 Auto Tuner)
Tuning knob wobble
[U] [V]
Voice synthesizer (FVS-1A)
Volume control issues
VOX-There is none
[W] [X] [Y] [Z]
Yaesu, How to Contact

Entire contents Copyright 2002 by Peter Pfisterer, DH1NGP