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The idea to develop the initial cat-program for the Yaesu FT-847 transceiver was because there was no other software available, which fit my needs. Of course there was a software, but not available to buy or to use a demo-version of it. So i decided to create a software step by step, and allow the users to spy on every stage of the program. All new infos about the stage of the program, about any version releases, or about problems i still have with this software, is described in the "NEWS" drawer.

There are two versions of the programs: the 1st version is a shareware trial version and can freely be copied if the files are not being modified. The 2nd version is simply register the 1st version and get a full version with all possible functions.

If you are using this program please register it. I put and still put a lot of work into these projects. I spend most of my spare time for it, so i think it's not a big deal to ask for the registration fee. A registration will also help to develop more updates and maybe new versions for other transceivers. If you register a program, you'll get a special code to turn your shareware-version into a full unlimited version.

The programs are still under development and will be updated continuously. I'll release all the beta-versions, so you can check out every beta state of the program.

If you have any problems or questions, please have a look to the forum first, maybe your problem is discussed there. Feel free to contact our hotline at

Vy 73 de Peter, DH1NGP



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